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Why am I doing this?
I rather could sit in the sun.

Instead, I try to become visible with „content“ here on LinkedIn and to draw potential clients‘ attention to my coaching services. That’s a lot of fun but also a lot of work. So why do I feel comfortable working instead of sitting in the sun on Portugal’s south coast or one of the Canary Islands? 

First of all, there is my intense curiosity. I want to know how things work, and social networks have been entirely unknown for most of my life. But I can only get to know something if I get involved and discover what’s behind them. 

The same applies to online counselling. I have known and loved face-to-face counselling for 50 years. Now I have read that online counselling leads to similar good results, which makes sense to me. Only to convince myself of this, I have to do it. 

In writing my posts, I have discovered that this is a much more exciting form of brain jogging than brain teasers, like doing crossword puzzles. I can bring out old questions and rethink. I am also stimulated to research new information. This keeps my knowledge up to date and my brain in training. 

But ultimately, what really drives me to network here on LinkedIn and offer counselling and coaching is that I love people and enjoy dealing with them at eye level. So I am a counselling junkie. 

„Problems“ also appeal to my curiosity (see above) and stubbornness. Once confronted, I want to understand what it is all about, how things are connected and where a „solution“ can possibly be found. Dealing with people, especially in counselling, makes me feel alive. 

I am convinced that the essential factors of counselling and coaching are

– the unconditional appreciation of the interlocutor,

– the freely chosen relationship and

– the interested and unconditional willingness to know what is connected.

My gain is that it gives me pleasure to engage courageously in this. 

I believe that in coaching, it is important to accept the coachee with interest and appreciation, look with him at what moves him, and look for ways of change.

to look for ways of change, 

If you want to and take the freedom, you can look at your situation anew and go new ways. 

As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer my whole repertoire of competencies to those who want it.