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How can we manage that?
We will do it!

Some tasks stand before us like a wall. And, because we want to move forward, we have to get through them.

There were two walls that I wanted to get rid of when I rebuilt our house about 20 years ago. After the first blow with the sledgehammer, I thought, „Oh, how is this going to work?“ The wall didn’t know about collapsing.

Resistance triggers the impulse in me: „Let’s see that! We will do that!“ The walls did fall, and I had much fun doing it.

Coaching is also often about such situations. People are facing an obstacle on their way, and they lack faith and confidence that they will overcome it. Then, it is a matter of reminding them of their many proven abilities and seeking out the successes they have already achieved with them.

A sledgehammer, of course, is not an appropriate tool for a coaching process.

Instead, coaching depends on empathy and a deeply felt interest in the coachee’s questions. Moreover, a coach must be convinced that his client will really achieve what he wants to achieve.

He must believe the sentence: „We will do it!“!

This allows the coachee to use it temporarily as a reinforcer or support when he still has problems convincing himself that the sentence also applies to him.

„I will do it!“