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How do I keep track?
Diversity attracts me!

On my morning tour by bicycle in the Wendland region, I noticed again how well I feel about the landscape structure into groups of trees, fields, wooded areas and small villages. It gives me the feeling of living in a beautiful world.

In coaching and consulting, we encounter diversity in two ways. Firstly in the form of the initial situation of a coaching process, and secondly through the multitude of possible meaningful approaches to human behaviour in the form of coaching approaches.

When using this diversity as comprehensively as possible for our coaching clients, we come up against the limits of our ability to consciously handle complex contexts.

This quickly leads to the fact that we look at things in the way we know best in our coaching work. But unfortunately, many other valuable ways of looking at things remain unused.

I am interested in how it is manageable to know many dimensions of a human being and to overview them at the same time, if possible, to make them usable for the client.

Dr Antje Heyer and Diane Wood from Sinnreich Wendland are offering a workshop with me from Friday, September 15, to Sunday, September 17.
L-I-A-M is an idea for dealing with multidimensionality in counselling, therapy, leadership and coaching.

I believe that coaching is helpful and successful when we are free to add to our tested knowledge and experience new perspectives and approaches to consulting in an interested and appreciative way and to integrate them into our work.

As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer all my competencies.