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Too old!
No longer fit for what is to come?

Ageing employees may be underestimated.
For most in our country, the separation from their work is regulated by pension legislation. For senior staff and managers, it needs to be clarified. Their motivation, physical and mental capacity and current life plans are essential for them.
In addition, management can freely decide to part with employees at the management level, often at considerable cost, but nevertheless. Moreover, dismissals can be made at a moment’s notice. Therefore, it is understandable that personnel decisions are also made strategically.
I want to discuss what happens here on the relationship level, which is highly important for operational success. Long-standing employees who are „getting on in years“ are usually the bearers of information and experience that is important to the company and has not been written down anywhere. When things have gone well, they have also developed a close bond and a high degree of loyalty to their company.
In the case of a sudden, unconsulted dismissal, all this is lost irrevocably. Successors will need years to gain a similar wealth of knowledge and experience, and whether they will develop a bond with the company remains open.
The desire of younger appointees in management positions and successors in family businesses to distance themselves from the „old ways“ is quite understandable.
Nevertheless, I urge you to talk to the long-serving, the old, the employees who are „getting on in years“ about how they can make room for new, younger staff, how they can say goodbye to their work and the people associated with it in peace and dignity, and how the treasure of knowledge they represent can be secured for the company and thus appreciated.
We can lead companies successfully in the long run if a people-friendly approach is a rule and if we are free enough to appreciate the #successfulknowledge of each individual.
You, too, can integrate both into your leadership behaviour if you treat yourself with appreciation and interest.
As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer you my entire repertoire of expertise.