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Tiny deviations
Why banknotes traditionally show portraits

It’s the little discrepancy! Before our days of photographic reproduction, printing plates were engraved, a laborious manual task for forgers. However, the slightest differences in faces are immediately noticeable because the expression changes, which our brain has stored as a pattern.

Because the facial expression of the person portrayed had changed, a fake banknote triggered the vague feeling: Something is wrong here!

It is the same when I want to know what a team, a family, or a person deviates from what is desired, pleasant or „normal“. I need an accurate inner picture of the desired or normal state to see the slight deviation in the complex real world that gives me a clue to what I should be looking at closely.

These inner images or patterns develop through experience in dealing with people, and for coaches and therapists, also through supervision. It is essential to keep these patterns up-to-date and modern.

In September, we at @Sinnreich Wendland are organising a workshop to train these inner images.

Do you feel like looking behind every corner anew with other inquisitive & highly empathic human companions? Then Diane Wood, Dr Antje Heyer and I cordially invite you to our exclusive premiere of 𝗟-𝗜-𝗔-𝗠, the Lübelner Inter-Actional Matrix.

In an intensive kick-off workshop on multidimensionality and complexity in coaching, counselling & leadership, we will train our intuition and learn why we can trust it. You will find the link to when, where and how in the comments. We look forward to seeing you!

I am Eberhard Bohrisch, a Systemic Psychologist and one of the few active coaches with more than 50 years of professional experience.

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