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What brings the nail cleanly into the wood?

What brings the nail cleanly into the wood?
The hardness of the nail, the force of the blows? Surely.
What is decisive is the craftsman’s feeling for the relationship between wood, nail, hammer and his blows, as well as the quality of the materials.
It is the same with coaching! Of course, a coach must have a solid knowledge of the established expertise of our time about organisations, communication, learning and change, and other fields of knowledge. I will address this in my workshop Coaching Excellence on 6 October, 19:00.
In addition, he should know which intervention theories and methods are considered safe and proven and what the current state of scientific discussion is. Besides the knowledge of methods, coaches must be carefully trained in their application under supervision with frequent repetitions. Their handling must become routine.
Just like nailing, where you need a nail and a hammer, knowledge of the scientific background and a good understanding of methods are only the prerequisites for working successfully, i.e. helpfully, as a coach.
Crucial are:
– The ability to enter into a sustainable relationship with the client,
– as well as an eye for the complex interrelationships between the client,
their life and work situation,
their learning history and
personal and professional contacts.
The ability to perceive relationships and relationship patterns and move constructively within them is the core competence for all professions that closely interact with other people. These are therapists, coaches, managers, and people who work in customer service and sales.
This ability can be learned and can also be trained in training courses. The training is based on self-awareness. This means that those of us who want to work successfully in the described professions must be prepared to reflect on our own lives and learn history. They must face the unresolved, sometimes frightening, problems they still contain under guidance. In other words, they have to make their own experience and their own feelings the subject of their learning.
In my Systemic Coaching training, which starts on 11 November, self-awareness will be an essential feature of the transfer of competencies.