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A coach’s worldview and view of humanity counts.
Why you should be interested in your coach’s ideas about the world and humankind.

In 2008, the psychological world was in an uproar. A German psychiatrist published a book with the following message:
A partnership upbringing leads to disoriented, tyrannical children.
What is missing is more discipline in upbringing and pedagogy.

This story makes it clear to me why basic assumptions about the nature of a human being and the nature of human society are so crucial.

Whether I see the human being as a loving being or as a being that needs to be disciplined makes a difference.

When coaching is offered, I, therefore, pay very close attention to the language and metaphors used by the providers of coaching services. I am convinced that the language we use is a good reflection of our thoughts and images.

I have often discussed here that the use of the term tool in coaching does not like that this term belongs to the world of thought of mechanics.

When I look for a coach, I am interested in which activity words he uses in his coaching offer. I want to read that he listens, tries to understand, supports and accompanies.

Since we live in a complex world, making safe predictions is impossible. Therefore, promises like „never again“, „for sure“, „after a few sessions“, and similar assurances make me very suspicious.

Coaching approaches differ from each other. They have different strengths and weaknesses. The question about a coach’s image of humanity helps to find a coach I want to work with. I trust professionals who answer this question as a matter of course.