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Headwind moves me forward!
On dealing with resistance. 

Headwind moves me forward!
On dealing with resistance.

A few days ago, I drifted with the wind while cycling. It was terrific to surrender to the power. I enjoyed it. Then it went through my mind that, on the way back, I would have the wind against me and its resistance. I like that too because then I feel my power.

Resistance is usually discussed as a problem in psychotherapy, counselling and coaching. It stands in the way of positive development. The way it is dealt with corresponds. Depending on the theoretical background of the professionals involved, it is to be broken, overcome, swept aside or circumvented.

It is similar to the evaluation of people we experience as resistant. In my childhood and youth, those resistant were held in poor esteem. The pedagogy of that time thought that resistance was not to be tolerated under any circumstances. And there were serious discussions about how to break it.

I like resistant children. And fortunately, many things have changed for the better in the meantime, so they have more chances to have a good development out of this ability.

Gliding with the wheel before the wind, I also remembered how ingeniously sailing ships and boats deal with the wind’s resistance when they tack against it. They use its force to sail against it. In other words, headwinds move them forward.

What a great idea. Instead of struggling with it, overcoming it, I use the force coming my way to move forward in my direction. When she is moving in my direction, I go with her and let myself drift. If it is coming towards me, I use it as a challenge and cross against it. In any case, headwinds make me feel my strength better and allow me to develop it.

I find that a life without opposition would only be superficially more pleasant. But, on the other hand, it would be boring to live without challenges.
And the resistors around us, who contradict, who ask annoying questions? They help us to rethink things and avoid going astray. They also allow us to be creative and develop new ideas.

Many years ago, I told a couple of parents that I was complaining about their five-year-old son’s recalcitrance:
„You can be proud of your son. With his ability to resist, he will go far one day!“