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Together it flows!
About the advantages of teamwork.

Last week, I was allowed to work as a restaurant and hotel assistant at Sinnreich Wendland. As a breadwinner, I know this is a strenuous and demanding job. I definitely enjoyed it.

What I enjoyed so much was that I was in meaningful contact all day long with other staff members I was working with or doing something together. The communication with guests was comparable to that in coaching. What was unique here was that the service was a team effort.

As a coach, on the other hand, I perform alone, and I noticed that I lacked the opportunity for quick exchanges with colleagues while I was working. Being able to tell someone something stimulates my imagination. Asking a quick question helps me clarify things in my head and clear up uncertainties. I also feel comfortable when I know that there are other people nearby who can be approached at any time.

Also, as coaches, we would be more effective and possibly more satisfied if we operated and worked as teams instead of individual entrepreneurs.

So I look forward to the summer retreat at Sinnreich Wenland that Dr AntjeHeyer and Diane Wood will co-host with me from July 26-30, 20023. My enjoyment of the community and working as a team will be fully realized there.

I believe that coaching is helpful and successful when we are free to be in lively exchange with colleagues and encourage our clients to look at the perspectives of others in an interested and appreciative way.

As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer all my competencies.