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Where should we go?
Of course, not to Frankfurt!

I often get answers like this when I ask about the goal of a counselling assignment.

„We want to learn to argue less!“ – Where they want to go, what that looks like, and where you want to arrive remains a mystery. A clear and, above all, attractive description of the goal for which it is worthwhile to set out on the often arduous path must first be worked out.

The habit of describing non-achievement goals is widespread in our society.

I recognise the same to me irrational pattern in the standard advice I receive from marketing professionals: „You need to work out your customer’s pain point!“

I question whether it is about moving

“ away from something.“

or rather, a movement

„towards something“

should be about.

Peace cannot be described as the absence of war!

The appeal „The errors in the dictation must go!“ only leads to the often dramatic shortening of the text!

Funnily enough, the reaction to the message „I live vegetarian!“ is. – „Oh, you don’t eat meat!“ as if the information that someone prefers plant-based food is not clear enough in itself!

Let’s be even more apparent in coaching and our public self-presentation that we align our actions with attractive and concrete achievementgoals.

I want people to have significantly more joy and pleasure in life after working with me, to communicate more and more easily, and to find it easier to love themselves and their surroundings.

Now I am interested in the comments of my friends on LinkedIn who are involved in marketing and advertising.

In our work as counsellors and coaches, it should be easier for us to formulate desirable goals if we approach what we have always longed for with our clients with the freedom and with, curiosity and appreciation.

My name is Eberhard Bohrisch. As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of professional experience, I offer all my competencies.