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Take off
Spring and coaching, time for development and growth

Spring and coaching are a perfect combination for personal and professional development. Spring represents new beginnings, renewal and growth in nature. For humans, too, this time of year offers the opportunity to pause, reflect and consider which areas in life would like to be improved or changed. Through coaching, new ideas and approaches to solutions can emerge, leading to positive change.

Coaching leads to clarity and stringently set goals. We often know we want to change something, but the way to get there is unclear or confusing. Coaching helps to plan the proper steps and to follow the path to success.

Through coaching, you get to know your strengths and weaknesses better and deal with them in a targeted way. As a result, you gain new perspectives, can break out of ingrained patterns and develop further. The focus is not only on a professional but also on personal issues. Coaching helps you to create your potential and to be successful.

Coaching is often a game changer, especially for performers, i.e. people who have to perform in their jobs. Because to be successful, you not only need to have the necessary expertise and skills but also a clear vision and strategy. Coaching helps you to focus on the essentials and to work towards your professional goals in a targeted way.

In spring, the chance to take off and develop your potential is now. Use the energy of this season to grow personally and professionally.

I believe this can be achieved by caring for the coachee with their questions and goals with an attentive interest and appreciation.

You, too, if you want to deal with yourself and your questions in an interested and appreciative way, will surely get your chance and the path to success.

As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer you my entire repertoire of competencies.