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Please show me how!
I want to be able to imagine that!

Here are stones. Use them to create a picture of your family. What image do you give when people look at you from the outside? Choose suitable colours and sizes and lay them as you see your family.

Often it is easier to look at our inner thoughts and pictures if we put them in front of our eyes in a literal sense. To do this, we must depict them in the real world by drawing on paper or even acting or dancing in a scene. We gain distance from what is happening in our head, can analyse it calmly and evaluate it from the outside. So it also leads to a #change of perspective.

Visualisation is one of the powerful working tools in conferences, negotiations in pedagogy and also in coaching, counselling and therapy.

Albus Dumbledore, the well-known educator and Headmaster of Hogwarts, has repeatedly pointed out the importance of visualisation. Here are two of his quotes on the Pensieve (Denkarium in German):
„I have found it an invaluable tool for organising my thoughts and examining my memories.“
„It allows me to see things from a perspective that is not my own.“

However, the beauty of visualisation is that just like working in my head, nothing has to be prepared for it. Expensive materials and technology are dispensable. Because there are always materials and objects around us, in our culture, even almost always paper and pens, with which I can create and represent something.

I prefer improvising instead of burdening myself with challenging transport equipment like the Pensieve.

I love to use bottles, glasses, cups, coins, crown caps, stones, and whatever is around as training material. Rolls of toilet paper are great for drawing boundaries, making spaces, and showing gradient lines. I have never experienced that it was not possible to visualise something because suitable material could not be found.

I believe that coaching is helpful and successful when we as coaches accompany our clients with interest and appreciation, as well as in mutual freedom, in their search for their solutions and enable them to #changeperspective.

As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer all my competencies as a change of perspective fan.