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Shabbat Shalom!
On the value of rest.

In recent years, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of taking breaks during our hectic workday. Tonight begins Shabbat, the 7th day, a time of scripture study, idleness, conversation and family for our Jewish neighbours and friends.

In my childhood, the seventh day was also unique. It was a day of rest, gathering and enjoyment. Families gathered people dressed festively, and the food was more sumptuous than usual. Sunday was just a day of rest after a working week; it was enjoyed to the fullest.

Nowadays, the difference between workdays, weekends and holidays seems to be blurring more and more. We live in a time when work accompanies us around the clock, and we often forget that breaks are important for our well-being and performance.

Studies have shown that regular breaks, both during the workday and between work periods, help us to be more productive and creative. In addition, they allow us to replenish our energy reserves, relieve stress and restore our mental clarity.

That’s why I’m advocating that we focus on our daily and weekly breaks with the same care we design and optimize our work. It’s time to revive a culture of celebration, idleness and relaxation.

Let’s consciously set aside time for ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s use the weekends to treat ourselves to rest, spend time in nature or get together with our loved ones. Let’s allow ourselves short breaks in our daily lives where we can switch off, let our thoughts flow or simply close our eyes.

By integrating breaks into our daily lives, we strengthen our health and well-being and promote a positive work environment for ourselves and our colleagues. It’s about balancing work and relaxation and being more productive and happier in the long run.

Inspired by the Jewish tradition of Shabbat, I encourage you all to recognize the value of breaks and give them their due importance. Together, let’s create a culture of celebrating idleness and rest.

I believe that coaching is helpful and thriving when the coachee and coach succeed in allowing fruitful pauses in the process and in looking with interest and appreciation at what happens during those times
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