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Pure luck?
No way, it was skilful!

How we deal with the coincidences that fall our way is what makes the difference between failure at a random event and unexpected success.

In this respect, Napoleon was right when he thought of his generals that „fortune“, luck in battle, was a personal quality. In a situation that arises unexpectedly and disrupts planned action, it is the ability to discover not a possible disadvantage but a possible advantage.

The ability to see what is on the way on a journey and to experience it as an opportunity is called Serendipity. The term is derived from the Persian fairy tale „The Three Princes of Serendip“. On their travels, they kept discovering things they were not looking for but were useful.

This story shows how Serendipity and coincidence lead to significant breakthroughs. For example, Ian Fleming had yet to look for an antibiotic specifically. Still, he had stumbled upon something by chance, the importance of which he recognised and which is known to us today as penicillin.

The fall of the Berlin Wall and German unification were not planned in this way but arose and were seized as a fortunate opportunity when the chance occurred unexpectedly.

We gain new perspectives and free our creative thinking by being open and curious about our surroundings and inspired by our discoveries and experiences.

We will achieve surprising and valuable results when we embrace the unexpected and the opportunities it presents. When we are open and curious and embrace random encounters and social connections, we gain the chance for inspiration and support.

#Serendipity helps to free us from the limitations of our thinking and experiences and to engage with the unknown and unpredictable. In doing so, we break through the boundaries of habitual processes and find solutions to new challenges.

Shifting perspective away from what hinders me and towards what stimulates and inspires me are essential elements of my coaching work. For example, I am a fan of Serendipity.

I believe that even in difficult times, we are free to discover the possibilities, the good and the innovative. Like the princes of Serendip, we can be inspired by what we find by chance.

If you look at the things around you with curiosity, interest and appreciation, you too will unexpectedly find „treasures“.

As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer my entire repertoire of competencies to those who want it.