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The future lies ahead of me, thinks the tick
as it nested on the elephant’s skin.

I would like to know if the tick on the elephant’s skin also has the feeling that it can plan far into the future. Does it also assume that its world, the elephant, will not change significantly?

We humans, at any rate, behave towards the future as if it were always business as usual. With today’s knowledge gained yesterday, we formulate goals for years to come. Yet we cannot know today what the world will be like then.

We don’t know if what we are striving for will still be possible then, or if it will even make sense! Setting a concrete goal is often held up as an ideal.

On the other hand, it is more important to describe a state of affairs that represents the values I am pursuing as vividly as possible. Famous examples are „swords into ploughshares“ (Micah 4) or the following sentence: „Then the wolf and the lamb will dwell peacefully together, the leopard will lie down with the kid.“ (Isaiah11:4). or Martin Luther King’s speech „I have a dream!“

These statements are not realistic, but they precisely describe what the togetherness should look like that is being striven for.

To achieve such value goals, small concrete steps must now be taken, the results of which must be evaluated, to plan and take the next concrete step.

Along the way, unforeseen things will happen. Dealing with these contingencies determines success or failure. I can do the next step as planned or pause, re-evaluate the situation, and ask if unexpected benefits can be gained.
I can include the „incident“ in my planning.

It is essential to be flexible and adaptable if I aim for a long-term goal, to react quickly and effectively to unforeseen events. To remain flexible. This involves monitoring the environment, adjusting goals and focusing on intermediate goals.

According to the serendipity principle, preparing to take advantage of unexpected opportunities makes sense. So it’s about being open to new possibilities and not sticking rigidly to the plan.

I am convinced that we can gain advantages for our clients from the incalculability of the future, as it frees us to invent opportunities from the unexpected.
You, too, can develop a sense of serendipity if you listen to your feelings with appreciation and interest.
As one of the few active coaches with more than 50 years of experience, I offer you my entire repertoire of knowledge.