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We do what is suitable for our cars.

Behaviour that is good for us is a different story.

The inability to do what is right for us, even if we know exactly what it is!

You know what happens when you do that! So why don’t you do what is good for you, even though you know exactly how to do it?

Telling others the right thing to do and doing the wrong thing yourself, we know this absurd behaviour.

  • From the doctor with nicotine fingers who implores his patient to give up smoking.
  • From the father with a beer belly who wants to convince his son of the importance of sport and physical exercise.
  • From the overworked mother who tries to teach her daughter the importance of taking breaks while studying.
  • From the couples counsellor who disregards the fundamentals of compliments in his own couple relationship.
  • From the executive coach who rushes to the next appointment with his client on burnout prophylaxis.
  • Even from myself, when I once again catch myself neglecting to take the necessary breaks.


So what is to be done? – With our cars, we know.

They need regular inspection. This involves checking

  • if there’s any wear and tear,
  • if anything needs to be replaced, and above all,
  • and, above all, whether all the work processes are still in balance.

For executive coaches, other coaches, counsellors, therapists and leaders I imagine something like a

I imagine something like a Recreation and Repair Retreat, a care workshop,

where they can be cared for, have a good time, and finally complain.

And of course, they are encouraged and strengthened to use their own knowledge in a more resilient way.


I believe that we coaches need spaces of retreat in which we can find peace within ourselves, lick our wounds and let them heal and refuel, so that we can then carry on liberated and with renewed energy.

You too can develop a feeling for your needs and limitations if you listen to your feelings with appreciation and interest.

As one of the few active coaches with more than 50 years of experience, I offer you my entire repertoire of skills.