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We can do it!
Resisting fate!

A victory of life over death is the message of Easter. The Passover celebrates the liberation from slavery.
And every year, we experience anew, as we are doing again now, the overwhelming awakening of nature around us to new life, blossom and splendour.
It can be done, and we can do it!
This conviction is one of the most potent factors in counselling and coaching. Confidence and trust in the coachees‘ self-efficacy make mutual success possible.
What fascinates me about my work as a counsellor and coach is that I experience every new counselling relationship as the start of an adventure in which I accompany and support my clients on their way through the jungle of obstacles to new possibilities.
In doing so, I am inspired by the extent of self-efficacy they develop once they have gained the confidence that their situation can be changed and that they can turn the wheel in the direction they want.
My part in this development is that I am firmly convinced of the possibility of a positive outcome from the very beginning of counselling.
I also believe that every person has the potential and the power to shape their life positively from within themselves. My role as a coach is that of a safety net.
I believe that coaching that is persistent, interested and appreciative of the self-efficacy of its clients and believes in their ability to achieve a good result contributes to a successful life.
You, too, are free to take destiny by the horns with your own strength.
As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer my entire repertoire of competencies.