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So many possibilities


Günter complains about listlessness and fatigue at his workplace. We will have a first meeting in a moment, and my brain will spit out hypotheses without being asked. And, of course, I will push them aside when Günter is about to sit across from me.

Here are my ideas:

– It could be that he finds his work corrosive and loses all motivation just thinking about it. The background would have to be clarified, and we would have to find out which ways out of this situation can be found.

– Maybe he has worked himself into an overload syndrome, and we need to work on how he can handle his forces more economically and with more pleasure.

– What was his career choice history? Did he have the support of his parents? Did they tell him that they were proud of him?

– The possibility that Günter suffers from sleep apnea also comes to mind. Has he already consulted a sleep physician?

– Although not very likely, I should not completely lose sight of the possibility of narcolepsy, for which the sleep physician or a neurologist would also be responsible.

– I ask myself what kind of work Günter does and how his workplace is designed, and I take care to keep an eye on whether care has been taken to ensure that he can work without fatigue. Does he need glasses? Is the working posture orthopedically unfavourable?

– Of course, his private life, his family situation, and the relationship he is in could also play a role. Is he a single parent? Does he receive enough appreciation for what he does to support his family? Would the inclusion of his life partner make sense? I’ll find out soon enough.

I am curious what other possible angles you can think of. Write them in the comments.

When I meet Günter right now and find out what exactly brought him to me and what his fatigue and unwillingness to work looks like, we may find topics other than the ones I thought of above relevant.

Nevertheless, it is essential to keep other conceivable influencing factors, such as those mentioned above, in mind since humans are complex biological systems in which everything interacts with everything else. Therefore, in consulting and coaching is worthwhile not to lose sight of the possibility of other „players“ in the „consulting process“.

Dr Antje Heyer and Diane Wood from Sinnreich Wendland will organize a workshop on this topic with me from Friday, September 15, to Sunday, September 17. The link to it will follow in the comments