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I missed the one crucial point.
A feeling you know as a coach, leader or therapist?

You feel secure in what you do, successful, and recognised. And yet, there is this feeling that you could have seen it if only you had known what to look for.
You felt things were slipping away but didn’t know why and couldn’t stop it.
You suddenly lost emotional contact with your counterpart and did not realise what had happened.
How many coaching or working relationships have you lost in this way, and you could not prevent it? How high was your financial loss?

Experiencing this is a well-known „problem“ of experts who are so good at what they do that they no longer have any trouble recognising their relative limitations.

So the spammy question is how to succeed in acquiring knowledge about where I am uninformed or even have blind spots.
I’ve learned the most about this when I’ve accompanied or observed colleagues at work. I experienced that one can approach and see things entirely differently than I would. They saw something that had previously been hidden from me, and that they did things that I had not learned or that had not occurred to me.

We all work based on scientific models, which, on the one hand, allow for planned action and, on the other hand, are always connected with a reduction of complexity. They are unsuitable to give a comprehensive picture of the whole human being.

This experience, shared by @diane and @antje, gave rise to L-I-A-M, an attempt to bring together as many experts of different orientations as possible so that they can enter into a process of exchange and learning together.
Through the intensive exchange in the workshop, the awareness that each of us has only limited access to reality is strengthened. As our brains use new information to update our perceptual schemata, our intuition is inevitably strengthened.
Those who attend will also become part of a community with access to the collection of materials that will emerge from the work on L-I-A-M.
The kick-off event will occur from 10-12 November at Sinnreich Wendland in Lübeln.