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Many cooks spoil the broth?
Together we are strong!

Working as a „lone wolf“ is probably the working reality for most people in advisory professions or management positions.

On the other hand, a decisive step in the evolution of us humans was the discovery that cooperation gave us a significant competitive advantage.

Moreover, today it is undisputed that team diversity brings another competitive advantage.

For my work as a coach, I need to have an exchange with colleagues with different educational backgrounds, professional experience and a wide range of ages.

Looking back on my working life, I can confirm that I have had the most lasting learning experiences when I have been able to watch other counsellors at work, when I have worked with them on a case or when I have been able to share their experiences in the context of supervision.

I find the written exchange here on LinkedIn alone enriching.

In a workshop in September, @ Antje, @ Diane, and I will organise this intensive exchange among colleagues from counselling, therapy and leadership with diverse backgrounds with the aim that we all grow together.

I was asked what our event’s „return on investment“ is. For me, it is common growth.