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Close your eyes and get through!
You have to want it right and do what I told you!
The idea of a straight path, of clear connections, still enjoys great popularity Linearity as an explanation of the principle of action is still popular.
Although, even when driving a car on any country road, the idea of linearity leads straight into the next tree.

The two sayings above were high on the agenda in the world I grew up in. And life experience supported rather than questioned their accuracy. In the 1950s, it was still essential and usually suitable to follow tried and tested rules. We still live in a world with a low rate of change.

Many decades later, the speed at which the world is changing is breathtaking today. Therefore, the learning goal of our schools and training must be to make people capable of acting in situations we do not know today.

In addition to dealing with acute issues, coaching should enable clients to deal with problems that neither they nor their coach has any idea about. As a result, standardisable solutions are probably unsuitable for future issues. In coaching, this means that tried and tested counselling strategies will no longer be able to do what is needed soon.

For coaching training, such as I will be offering again, starting this November, the focus of the training will be on moving confidently as a coach in unfamiliar terrain. The same ability is required of leaders.

The basis is a thorough introduction to systemic thinking and action. Those who have understood this are in a position to invent counselling strategies and interventions, if necessary, to suit the complex questions encountered. Those who have thought through systemic theory can also trust in the phenomenon of emergence and the problem-solving competence of those involved in the process.

Secondly, we know from psychotherapy research that personality traits characterise „successful“ therapists. This knowledge can be transferred to coaching. Above all, it is about empathy ability, appreciation, active effort, genuineness, allegiance, abstinence and neutrality. These characteristics are all trainable and an essential part of my training.

The times when it made sense to identify the goal and then steer towards it in the straightest possible way are over.
Close your eyes, and you will probably end up in the abyss or against walls.