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Simultaneity, multidimensionality and intuition
potentiate success in coaching.

I thought I held the key to all my clients‘ problems in my hands as a young psychologist many years ago, after my first therapy training.

But specialised training can act like a board in front of your head. If I only have a hammer, everything else becomes a nail! As expected, I came up against limits with this and was allowed to experience my powerlessness.

In the meantime, I have become many years more experienced and considerably more humble. The number of approaches to human suffering I developed through science and practice is almost unmanageable.

All of these approaches hit an important point and are helpful in your sector. But only there. None can claim to do justice to the complexity of human existence, a frustrating realisation.

For a long time, I have been interested in how I can take a simultaneous look at the many areas of being or system levels described by science and practice and make them practical for training in coaching, therapy and leadership.

I have found two colleagues, Antje and Diane, who share this interest. We have now started the L-I-A-M project. It will bring us closer to a comprehensive approach to coaching, therapy and leadership.

We want to bring as many different coaching approaches, forms of therapy and leadership theories as possible into conversation with each other, present them simultaneously and use our common, multi-dimensional wealth of experience to train and strengthen the intuition of every one of us.
Do you also feel like getting involved with other inquisitive & highly empathic human companions in the multiformity of different human images? Then Diane Wood, Dr Antje Heyer and I cordially invite you to our exclusive premiere of 𝗟-𝗜-𝗔-𝗠, the Lübelner Inter-Aktional Matrix.

𝗟-𝗜-𝗔-𝗠 starts from 15-17 September 2023. in Lübeln, in the @Sinnreich Wendland.
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