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It takes courage
to trust your intuition.

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahnemann reports on the life-saving intuitive decision of a fire brigade chief of operations in his book „Fast Thinking – Slow Thinking“.

The ability of our brain to make decisions in unclear situations that lead to positive results is due to its ability to process complex facts into patterns that are also recognised in changed conditions.

The patterns our brain provides from experience are efficient when we have often been exposed to comparable situations and have reflected on the consequences of our actions.

In the counselling and coaching professions, follow-up must be a standard part of the work, ideally in discussion with colleagues, supervision or intervision.

Even if I make use of the advantages of „data intelligence“ and „decision intelligence“ to arrive at up-to-date informed decisions, it ultimately remains a matter of intuition whether I follow the suggestion of the AI in my decision or deviate from it because I have the feeling that this is the better way.

What artificial intelligence and experiential learning are not able to do is transform the known into something completely new, which is creativity.

Humans are characterised by our ability to utilise existing data so that something qualitatively new emerges from it, in the sense of emergence. The great entrepreneurs of our history have taken advantage of this by making „unexpected“ decisions that shape the future.

To trust one’s own intuition, one needs the courage to leap into the unknown.

The ability to acquire good patterns and use them in decision-making can be learned. However, a prerequisite for this is that we need to significantly improve how we promptly feed back the results of decisions to decision-makers.

We also need to ensure that decision-makers are emotionally and socially supported by us when they have to risk deciding into the unknown. 

I believe that the ability to courageously follow one’s intuition can increase if people are interested in gathering new information and value their experiences. 

You, too, are free to trust your gut feeling. This ability can also be developed further. 

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