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​Kindness does wonder!

Without the possibility of sanctions, motivation is lacking!
The second sentence reflects the opinion of Markus Söder, the Bavarian Minister-President, on citizens‘ insurance. The image of humanity behind the statement seems to me to be very much of yesterday.

When I was a child, sentences like „Light blows to the back of the head promote the ability to think“ or „If you don’t want to hear, you have to feel“ were still quite socially acceptable. The experience of the old pedagogues, the research of the last 100 years and experiences from operational practice speak a different language.

Every schoolchild knows and can prove it at any time through their own experiences that sanctions, negative feedback or punishment have an absolutely demotivating effect. Concepts from our time such as #NewLeadership and #NewWork make successful use of this realisation.

Of course, it is also true for the long-term unemployed that punishment causes demotivation, while kindness and positive incentives have a motivating effect. Even Mr. Lindner has understood this and therefore pleads for a higher remuneration for self-initiatives of those affected.

With my coaching and counselling work, I would like to contribute to strengthening a style of dealing in our society that is #fault-friendly and #socially integrative. For me, it is about bringing the lovable and creative qualities of my fellow human beings to the fore and also talking about them.

Putting people in precarious life situations under general suspicion and threatening them with sanctions is not only indecent, but counterproductive in the matter. It is simply not possible to push people who are in a situation of resignation and hopelessness into a mood of joyful achievement. Instead, I have to encourage them kindly and offer them incentives even for small steps in the direction of „getting it right“.

„Light blows to the back of the head“ do not promote thinking skills, but produce school failures!
Sanctions for lack of participation in social welfare do not create positive motivation to work. They rather strengthen the conviction that the support system is not to be trusted and that it is better to stay away from it.