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or still, detail-oriented?

Holistic approaches are common in counselling, therapy and coaching today. This means we are more aware of isolated aspects and more concerned with comprehensive pictures. It is about looking at the human being as a whole.
However, when centring on the whole, there is a danger of overlooking important details, e.g. the small stumbling blocks on our way.
However, if we focus on details, such as the small pebbles that might be in our way, we may stop noticing what is happening around us.
Unexpectedly, we may find ourselves caught in the crossfire of a hostage crisis while emergency personnel try to resolve the problem.
In counselling, therapy, and coaching, keeping track of the big picture and paying great attention to the many details is essential. It’s all about high, unfocused attention!
Solving complex issues with conscious thinking alone is not possible. We need aids like visualizations or the support of artificial intelligence.
Another well-tried tool is the ability of our brain to grasp, analyze and store complex interrelationships in the form of patterns. We then experience the recognition of these patterns as intuition.
Through our experience and intuition, we can correctly interpret the interplay of many details in complex situations and develop appropriate ideas for action.
By combining comprehensive understanding, attention to detail, intuition and technical tools, we are able to offer our clients real added value and support them on their path to success.
As consultants and coaches, we need to constantly expand our knowledge and explore new perspectives to match the complexity of our field of work. This means exchanging with others to learn and benefit from each other.
My colleagues from Sinnreich Wendland, Dr Antje Heyer and Diane Wood, as well as I, are offering L-I-A-M from Fri, 15 to Sun, 17 September, an event on dealing with #mutlidimensionality in counselling, therapy, leadership and coaching.
I believe that coaching is helpful and successful when we are free to add to our proven knowledge and experience new perspectives and approaches to consulting with interest and appreciation and integrate them into our work.
As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer all my Competencies.