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High Noon
The Hour of Pan

We feel it again on these summer days. The sun has reached its highest point, and the shadows have shrunk to their minimum. The air is hot, and everything pauses when there is no wind.

It’s a moment full of suspense, with the expectation that it’s about to happen.
The showdown, for example, like in Fred Zinnemann’s Western, with Grace Kelly and Gregory Peck. Or that chaos is about to break out, like in Greek mythology when Pan feels disturbed, and the herds of cattle flee in panic. Or that the tension is slowly released, and everyone returns to their normal day’s work.

For me, the hour of Pan, with its calm and tension, marks the period in which I can gather the necessary concentration and resilience to move on to the next stage with purpose and joy.

It is like at a concert, where the conductor has already raised his arms, the orchestra is highly concentrated and tense, and the audience holds its breath. Then, with the first beat of the bar, the tension is released, and a flood of impressions and emotions is unleashed.

I know similar moments from coaching processes in which it suddenly becomes clear to everyone present that something really decisive will happen with the next step. I love these moments of high tension and pause.

And, of course, I also love the moment when all the concentrated energy is released and unfolds. Curious and appreciative, I wait patiently for the Hour of the Pan to happen again with its promise.

I am Eberhard Bohrisch. As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of professional experience, I offer all my competencies.