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Here I am, a human being, here I am allowed to be!
Healing places attract me.

As this post appears on LinkedIn, I am going to Wendland to attend the opening of Sinnreich Wendland in Lübeln. There, „the two founders Antje Heyer and Diane Wood are realising their long-held desire to create a place where everyone can unwind.“
I am magically drawn to healing places. I think of the Allwies, a large forest meadow on the edge of the Hunsrück, which I have known since childhood and which, just pretending, triggers a feeling of calm and coherence in me.
I think of Bains Kloof, near Cape Town and the mountain stream with numerous potholes, pools in the stream that can be used as bathtubs. And of my favourite campsite L’Acacia in Hourtin, near Bordeaux.
From 1978-1982 I was lucky enough to work at such a healing place, the Lutherstift in Falkenburg, which had an enchanting little old park. I can still remember the effect the green lawn surrounded by ancient trees had on my mood when I first saw this park.
All these places have one thing in common. They are relatively closed in themselves and, at the same time, allow a view into the distance. The man-made parts, such as buildings, fit in well, almost as if they have grown into the surrounding nature. The colours are those of green plants, the red of natural stones or earth, the blue-green of water and the changing colours of the sky.
Essential for me is the absence of technical sounds, the predominance of the voices of birds, insects and other animals, and the sounds of the wind and the water. All this I experience as immensely beneficial, both physically and psychologically. As a result, I come to rest and relax.
I think we largely lack such places in our everyday lives, and I wish that urban and spatial planning in the future would make a point of creating such places in our communities.
Sinnreich Wendland certainly meets a need here. I wish its founders success, joy and moments of pause and coming to oneself in their work!
I believe that our mental health needs places where our senses can relax and come to ourselves freely and without effort. These are healing places.
You, too, can develop a feeling for healing places if you listen to your emotions. As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer you my entire repertoire of expertise.