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No other sign of the flow of time touches me as clearly as this night. From now on, the days become shorter again – until the end.

As I write this, I am reminded of Kohelth’s thoughts in the Hebrew Bible, who, experiencing transience, concludes that everything is only „vainly hashing after the wind“.

As beautiful as I find this text, I cannot and will not subscribe to its message. And I notice that this resistance to an attitude to life that retreats into the beauty of futility has grown increasingly with my age.

Many games have been clearly and successfully turned around in the second half!
Many women and men who have achieved great things in science, art and politics were particularly successful at a relatively old age.

In coaching, too, I am convinced that everyone has the freedom and the opportunity to achieve success and find happiness in the remaining time.

Therefore, I take the summer solstice as an opportunity to celebrate what life has given me so far and look forward to what still lies ahead. People I will meet,
new knowledge, things I may yet be able to move. To this end, I will look forward with curiosity and appreciation.

I am Eberhard Bohrisch. As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of professional experience, I offer all my competencies.