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Lord God, do something!
The peace of God, only an illusion, a dream?

Christmas, the feast of peace and the incarnation of God, is behind us.
It is the 80th anniversary of Stalingrad, and in Ukraine and many other places, people are dying in trenches.

For the rest of my life, I have been asking myself how the reality I have experienced can be reconciled with the idea of a personal, i.e. responsive and loving God!

The first years of my life were during Auschwitz, and I really cannot reconcile Auschwitz with the idea of a loving God.

On the other hand, I share the value system of the Jewish-Christian tradition. I also love those ancient texts whose content and message are highly modern.

Now I know that the images of God have changed continuously over the millennia. Many wise women and men have wrestled with the same problem as I do today. They have pursued the question, „Who or what are you, God?“.

My solution to the problem is to think of „God“ as a process. He is not, God happens.
When the man from Samaria on the road to Jericho picks up the man crushed by the robbers, from the road, tends to his wounds, and brings him to safety, „God“ happens. Whenever we are kind, helpful and caring to one another. Let us make „God“ real.

So I believe that with our actions, we decide whether „God“ is. Auschwitz, Stalingrad and Butscha were indeed godless! So it is up to us whether „God“ has a chance. But there won’t be one as long as we wait for „Him“ to do something.

The peace of „God“ is a possibility! We decide whether it will be.
If we work for it with all we can and let love happen, it is a very realistic dream!

I believe that we humans as „homo sapiens-amans“ (Maturana), can realise a loving interaction as a predominant behaviour.
You, too, can do this or learn to do it if you listen to your feelings with appreciation and interest.
As one of the few active coaches with more than 50 years of experience, I offer you my entire repertoire of expertise.