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Doing NOTHING – just BEING.

Today is my seventh day on the North Sea island of Baltrum.
Apart from your own feet, the bicycle and, if you want, the horse-drawn carriage, there are no other means of transport and therefore no traffic noise. The absence of the background noise of our society is incredibly healing for me.
So that I could move freely and independently, I brought my tricycle with me; because my feet didn’t really want to anymore. This way, I can cross the island lengthwise every morning. Half an hour is enough for that if I don’t dawdle too much; because the island is no longer than that.
My children and grandchildren and two of their friends have come to the island with me. There are 13 of us in total, so I sit in the sun with some of them all the time and do …
Yes, I do nothing. I enjoy the sun, the wind, the presence of my loved ones and simply AM.
Of course, we also talk to each other without pressure or necessity.
In the evening we eat together at a long table in the garden.
For me, it is a state-like paradise.
Especially the wonderful silence and the well audible sounds of nature, the complete absence of technical noises, makes me realise how much the world I live in has changed since my childhood. Back then, too, we could hear our neighbours talking to each other. We could also hear when they had problems and needed help.
In today’s world, in our western cultures, we are constantly surrounded by a background noise of sound and light. It is almost impossible to find a quiet place where you can see the stars at night. It is not the place humans evolved from millions of years ago.
All the more reason to enjoy the remaining three days here on Baltrum, the company of my loved ones, the sun, the air and doing nothing, and let myself heal.
Where have you had similar experiences?