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Diversity of people in this country
Diversity of living beings on our planet

Diversity in the workplace in terms of training, age, gender, ethnicity, culture and religion is well recognised by professionals. Much remains to be done in the workplace and social practice.

This month, Kew Gardens, a well-known botanical garden in London, is hosting an exhibition on the diversity and beauty of plants and fungi entitled: „Celebrating Queer Nature“.

I love that the organisers are also looking at the issue of dwindling biodiversity from the perspective of the loss of beauty and aesthetics in our world. I can’t imagine the history of our poetry and myths without an aesthetically beautiful and biodiverse plant world.

At present, it is becoming painfully clear how much our life on this beautiful planet is threatened by the extinction of species for which we are responsible. This makes public events such as those at Kew Gardens all the more important to bring the beauty and ingenuity of our plant and fungal world back to us.

In my work as a coach, I repeatedly encounter people who experience the diversity of their interests and talents as a problem, probably because their social environment pushes them finally to choose one.

On the other hand, I see diversity in myself and others as a great gift. Ultimately, it is through this diversity of human talents that the survival of humankind has always been possible up to the present day. So we should be grateful for it and support and encourage diversely gifted people in their diversity.
If you want to talk to me about it, go ahead, I’d be happy to! I am Eberhard Bohrisch, a systemic psychologist and one of the few active coaches with more than 50 years of professional experience.