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About key information and data overload

Coaching in a complex world.

Which data are essential for good coaching?

Well, first of all, all of them. The relevance or irrelevance only becomes apparent in the coaching process! 

When I did my first internship as a psychology student in an educational counselling centre, I learned to take anamneses. That was the complete collection of data on the case that was considered possibly relevant. 

Today I still have a similar grid in my head where I enter data I learn in the coaching conversation. This way, I can see the white spots where I don’t know anything yet and should ask. 

Even if my experience-based information grid is completely filled, I can by no means be sure that I have noticed all the relevant facts. Therefore, I remain dependent on my attention and focus being left open in all directions so that no movement at the edge of my perception escapes me. 

A great temptation to reduce complexity is to concentrate on the „essentials“, on the „core issues“. Quasi „Simplify your life“.

In my thinking, I find this unsatisfactory; because the world is multiform and colourful.
If you single out one aspect, you destroy the whole. 

So how do I do it with my anamnesis? 

I collect everything that has ever proved relevant based on the experiences of others and myself. 

And I keep my eyes, ears, and other senses wide open for what could still show up. 

How do you deal with complexity?