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Dance your life!
Watching is only half the fun!

Jealousy, chance, luck, and love dance along!
I have always watched people who were good at what they did. I was fascinated by the elegance of their movements and the almost loving way they handled the material they worked with.

I love to see how they integrate the unexpected and the disruptive almost effortlessly into the flow of their movements so that it looks like the whole thing was part of the programme. I experience the same thing when I see aikido masters in action. Even their flow of movement remains fluid when they are „attacked“.

I would like to see this creativity and flexibility in dealing with the unwanted and unexpected and dealing with everyday and big life problems. The feeling, „This too! – That can’t be true now! – This can’t be happening!“ is understandable, only now it is.
I now have the choice of sulking and going to the spectator seats or asking fate to dance.

I can dance around obstacles, I can lure them into joining my flow of movement. I can also invite them to a foil or boxing match, that too is dancing. The important thing is that I stay in motion and, if possible, in the flow of movement that I control.

Of course, intensive dance, like intensive life, involves the possibility of a fall or an injury. Those who want to spread falls safely must not move. On the other hand, passionate dancers accept the risk as unavoidable but don’t let it spoil the joy of dance.

For me, coaching is also a dance, a dance between coach and coachee. This dance aims to look closely at movements that are not yet running smoothly and to bring them into flow together. Training the coachee to deal with the unexpected or the annoying is also essential.

I believe that we can learn to deal freely and independently with the changes in our lives, so it is up to us to decide what the consequences will be and how we will integrate them into our lives.

In doing so, we must deal with ourselves, our abilities and dreams, as well as with our fellow dancers and fellow human beings in an interested and appreciative way.

As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer my entire repertoire of competence to those who want it.