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Ukraine, already a year of dying.

Peace, ending the horror, requires courage.

It is about the courage to make oneself guilty knowingly. 

There can be no clean, guilt-free action in this messy situation anyway. But, on the other hand, a one-dimensional discussion, such as the one that seems to prevail at the moment on the Ukraine war, allows the illusion of no alternative. 

However, I allow myself to look at the complexity of what is happening. But, then, allowing a change of perspective becomes challenging because I realise that no possibility of action leaves me guilt-free. 

A current example is the question of arms deliveries to Ukraine:

Whoever supplies weapons is involved in the death of those against whom they are used.

Those who do not supply weapons are involved in the death and oppression of those attacked.

In both cases, the decision-makers and their supporters are to blame.

Therefore, any disparagement of the other decision is forbidden! 

To achieve peace, I must also consider which attractors would make it interesting for my opponent. In concrete terms, I have to change my perspective towards his interests to understand what could attract him so much that he could give up his current priorities. 

This change of perspective also requires courage since I have to think in my opponent’s interest!

With a balance of interests, I will win his cooperation and peace. 

So I have to get out of the mode of thinking that if one has one’s own goal firmly in mind, one will undoubtedly arrive. Instead, I have to entrust myself to the thinking mode of nevertheless.

I will succeed if I am curious and have everyone’s well-being at heart! 

I believe that in coaching, too, it is essential to encourage the coachee to change their perspective and then to accompany them in thinking and feeling in the „nevertheless mode“. 

If you want to and are interested in and appreciative of yourself and your questions, you will certainly succeed in courageously going your own way. 

As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer you my entire repertoire of competencies.