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Couple relationship and leadership work
A dream team!

They fertilise and strengthen each other. This is my experience and my conviction.

I was lucky enough to live a fulfilling, long-lasting couple relationship and simultaneously have a demanding, time-consuming job with leadership responsibility. And I am proud that my wife and I have made both possible. However, I know that for many, it becomes a problem.
On the other hand, I am convinced that the interference of both spheres of life leads to added value..,
provided a few principles are observed.

These are:
– A high degree of #independence, as for all fruitful couple relationships, is especially important in the case of couples of which at least one has leadership responsibilities!
– In addition, there is mutual #trust and #reliability.
– Of course, #respect for each other is another cornerstone without which the interaction of two demanding areas of life cannot succeed.
– A good measure of #generosity is also part of it.
– Enabling and enjoying #fun and #joy with each other is the most potent factor.

For the long-term success of the business, „couple relationship and leadership work“ is the factor #maintenance.
Both areas need constant #maintenance. They live on investments of time and effort. As everyone knows, the costs caused by bad management are much higher than for ongoing investments in good management.

This is true for a couple relationship and working relationships, especially if both are to mesh well and cross-fertilise each other!
– The limited time resource is probably the biggest hurdle to keeping the system „couple relationship and management work“ functional. Careful #time management is needed here.
– The biggest obstacle to successful time management is a narrowly understood sense of duty on the person who has primary responsibility in one of the two areas of life.

Despite all the challenges, I am convinced that the reward for the effort of treating „couple relationship and leadership work“ as related undertakings is happiness and fulfilment as well as a good outcome for both areas.