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Who are you as a coach?
What describes you best?

The high priest of a method who reliably follows the liturgy of his coaching concept, 

a colourful or white clown, the one who sees everything differently or the other,

who looks at the world with deep sadness, 

one who clears paths for others with a machete in the jungle of life.

Or rather, a mountain guide who brings his group safely over the pass in the fog.


How do you see yourself as a coach? What is your theory of change? What do you think is the effective element in your work? 

Is it your expertise, knowledge of the problem area, methodological certainty, empathy, self-confidence and calmness, or the client’s motivation, resilience and commitment? 

Or is it rather something that is neither with you, the coach, nor with your client, but something between you?

Something that not only „is“ but that happens between you, and that leaves you both changed. A process in which you both have a part.


Therefore, my image of what I want to be as a coach is that of a companion. One who goes with you stays with you, supports you if necessary, brings his or her thinking, feeling and knowledge into the conversation and the decisions about the direction, encourages you when you get tired, and simply „one who goes with you“.


Please write to me in the comments,

– which role model do you like as a coach,

– in which role would you like a coach to play?


I believe that coaching is helpful and successful when we, as coaches, accompany our clients with interest and appreciation and mutual freedom in their search for solutions.

As one of the few active coaches with more than 50 years of experience, I offer myself with all my competencies as a companion on the way.