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What does it bring at all,
a training to be a coach?

That is a legitimate question, and I would like to answer it.

In good training, the following 4 points are essential to me.

What does a coach do?
What does a coach do concretely when he works, and how does he do it, especially how does he relate to his coachee?
If I made a video recording of his work, what could I see and hear on it?

What does a coach see?
How does a coach deal with what he sees? How critical is he of his own perception? Is he aware that what he sees is only his reality and not the truth?

What does a coach think?
What worldview and what human image does the coach have in his head? What scientific construct does he use when he deals with the questions of his coachee?

Who is a coach?
What personality traits does a coach need to have or develop to help other people successfully?

When browsing here on LinkedIn, I often read that the last one, the personality of the coach, is the most crucial point.

This opinion always puts me in a quandary as I find it correct and wrong.
Yes, the personality of the coach is a crucial factor!
No, the coach’s personality is a factor that is no more but also no less important than the other three.
It is also not more important than what a coach actually does (methodological competence)!