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Can I show my nakedness?
Error-friendliness and perfection.

One of my anxiety dreams of years past was that I had somehow lost my clothes and was now naked in the street. The shock of this usually woke me up.

In our society, which is oriented towards performance and competition, mistakes are considered to be avoided at all costs and to be embarrassing events. They make me look naked, and I should be ashamed.

On closer inspection, the development of our societies and our civilisation is a succession of mistake events. We have learned from most of them, and other mistakes turned out to be lucky ones. Columbus, for example, only reached the American continent because he made a glorious mistake.

In the meantime, companies cultivate error cultures in which mistakes are not sanctioned but treated as valuable learning events. Information about errors is explicitly encouraged. Of course, mistakes are also questioned as to whether they cannot be sold as an ingenious product.

Especially in coaching, it is also important to encourage clients to experience what they bring to the sessions as „faulty“ as necessary and valuable events. After all, if you work with energy and enthusiasm, you will make mistakes.

Of course, striving for perfection in my work is okay. In doing so, I will also make mistakes, proving that I am committed.

Also, if my „mistake“ is that I don’t conform to the norm in my appearance, beliefs, and abilities, that may be okay for me. Because in my otherness lies a unique opportunity for myself and those around me, which must be used.

Based on the quote attributed to Martin Luther, „Sin bravely!“ I am happy to support you in making the best of your mistakes. You can put me to the test.

I am Eberhard Bohrisch, a systemic psychologist and one of the few active coaches with more than 50 years of professional experience.