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What do biscuit-baking and coaching have in common?

Both are complex, foundation-led activities.

Once I understand how to prepare tasty dough patties from powdered crushed grain and water and a few other additives, I can invent any variations myself.
Recipes I use as suggestions.
If I want to bake aniseed biscuits according to a recipe without this prior knowledge, it is not unlikely that the result will not correspond to the recipe.

The recipe’s author cannot know or consider the variations that exist when I bake according to his recipe.

Therefore, when I train coaches, I believe it is imperative to carefully convey the basic knowledge and assumptions about the fundamentals and context of human behaviour and social behaviour.

I find it equally important that the training is comprehensive about the experiential knowledge of other coaches (methods). Of course, this knowledge must also be tested and practised.

Experience has shown that the better the understanding of the basics is developed, the more successful this becomes.

It makes sense to bake aniseed biscuits according to a recipe. After all, they taste good. But if I understand the basics of working with dough, they will turn out better, and I can invent more variations.