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Our almond has been in bloom again since yesterday.
In Aups, I once picked it up as a kernel from the road.

At the beginning of the 1990s in Verdon, in southern France, I picked up several almond kernels that had fallen from the trees onto the road and took them back to Germany. At home, I tried to get them to germinate.
One of the kernels succeeded, and a tender seedling developed quickly. We then nurtured it in a tub for the first two years, protected it from frost in winter and were worried about how it would fare if it became too big as a tub plant.
Finally, we planted the little almond in our garden, hoping it would be strong enough to live on without support. However, it was difficult for us to let the little tree go and trust it could determine its fate.
In the meantime, it has grown into a big tree that delights us with its blossoms every spring. Yesterday, one of the year’s first really warm and sunny days, its blooms burst open again. I could smell the fragrance and hear the buzzing of many bees that enjoy the tree as much as I do.
My story with our almond tree is similar to the story with our children, whom we also cared for with love and devotion, only to let them go into a life of their own. They, too, have grown up and become strong and beautiful.
The decision to let go and to trust in the developing life and its ability and strength requires courage and confidence.
I believe that in coaching, taking care of the coachee and his questions with interest and appreciation is essential as then letting him go his own way.
You, too, if you want to, and if you deal with yourself and your questions with interest and appreciation, will undoubtedly succeed in taking the risk of courageously going your own way.
As one of the few active coaches with over 50 years of experience, I offer you my entire repertoire of competencies.