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The brilliant idea.
Genius, coincidence or training?

It could be a bit of everything. It is interesting to ask to what extent the frequency of „good“ ideas can be increased through training. I believe that this is possible.
But why should someone invest energy, time and money to increase the quality of their intuition to have even more „good“ ideas?
From my own experience, I have often been annoyed after a successfully completed task to realise afterwards that I could think of better, simpler and ultimately more sustainable ways of acting.
When confronted with the problem, I didn’t think of it. I assume that many of you know this experience and also the feeling of frustration and failure associated with it.
As the head of a counselling centre, I was involved with introducing public debt counselling. As a „side effect“ of dealing with over-indebtedness, I „suddenly“ „saw“ disputes about finances and over-indebtedness among couples I was counselling about their couple problems.
Before that, I had not noticed such problems, although the couples I was counselling before might have also needed help in these areas. It just wasn’t on my radar.
Our brains are excellent at extracting connections from existing information and new circumstances and suggesting them to us as intuitive ideas.
The quality of these ideas depends on how much information I have fed my brain beforehand.
This fact inspired us to plan our training programme L-I-A-M. Diane Wood, Dr. Antje Heyer and I will start it in mid-November this year.
We will look at the multitude of determining factors and perspectives on concrete issues together, exchange our hopefully very diverse ideas for solutions and thus improve our intuition skills.
I am Eberhard Bohrisch, a systemic psychologist and one of the few active coaches with more than 50 years of professional experience.