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Which tool is the best here?

Is there something suitable in my method case?
Tat’s a frequent question in everyday life and coaching. My dear wife and I dealt with it very differently. When a screw needed to be tightened, I would say, „Wait, I’ll quickly get the appropriate screwdriver!“
When I came back, she had often already done the problem. With a kitchen knife!
Like our ancestors in the savannahs of Africa, she had used her creativity, and whatever was at hand.
In my coaching work, I think more like my wife. I use what is at hand. In any case, that is my coachee and his competence and creativity. And there is me with my whole person, my emotions, knowledge, and experience. We go into contact and are curious to see where this will take us.
Our contact in coaching will give us new insights.
As a young psychologist, I was not so sure that it was „enough“ to get in contact, with my whole person, that there were no miracle methods or tools.
However, my experience has taught me:
The „coaching tool“ is me with my whole person.
I take what is at hand or invent if anything else is needed.