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Better together
Miraculous increase in competence

In 1972 I became a team member at the Luther Foundation in Falkenburg, an educational and training institution in the Oldenburg region.

Unexpectedly, I was part of a team in which we worked together without any agreement as to who exactly had which role and who was next to take action. I quickly learned to pay attention to my colleagues and contribute when it suited me.

And our contributions fit into the whole. It was a wonderful experience that I still look for again and again.

We worked with groups of church staff on how to relate to each other in the church and on leadership models. It was team coaching at its best, always 2-3 of us, in different compositions, in one course.

Here I learned how instructive and profitable it is for me to work in a multi-professional team.
Here I also learned how powerful learning from a model is; for the course participants; we were at first an irritating, then admired and finally gladly copied model.

With real teamwork and flat hierarchies, the overall competence of the team is much higher than the sum of the individual competencies of all members.

Together we were really better than each of us put together.