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Now it’s here, the right moment!

About the necessary patience to wait for the right moment. 

I grew up with the message that I can make things happen if I try hard enough. 

It was only much later, after working for a few years, that I realised that the world, which I had set out to change, had a clear say in the matter. 

Only when many influencing factors come together favourably will things move in the „desired“ direction. My actions are only one of the factors. 

Even if I „want“ to eat sweet, ripe strawberries, I will have to wait patiently until the soil, weather, bees, and the plant have ensured that the berries have the right degree of ripeness. 

I will have to wait patiently and very attentively so that I don’t miss the favourable moment of ripeness. Otherwise, I won’t be able to enjoy them. 

It is the same with coaching. Favourable developments cannot be achieved through pressure. 

What is important is a patient, unfocused high level of attention that allows me to watch as many of the influencing factors as possible. That also includes movements at the edge of the field of awareness. 

If I manage to display this calm and focused attention. I have a high chance of not missing the favourable moment.


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