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The blues have got me again.

You know the condition too. Suddenly everything feels like I’m walking through a thick fog. Everything is slow, muted and grey. 

The condition is common among counsellors, therapists and coaches. It is the flip side of the ability to be emotionally open. 

I know the mood will fade again. Still, I want to do something about it. 

But what helps? For sure, endurance sports help! 

I used to run long distances, and then I jogged. Then, when my feet didn’t want to anymore, I rode my bike excessively. Now I use my recumbent tricycle, a reliable mood lifter. 

It’s important to know that the effect only kicks in when I’ve boosted my circulation. For me, that’s after about 20 km. But then it works. 

For me, there is a second way to leave the blues behind.

When I have been focused on the questions and problems of my clients for the whole time a counselling session takes, my brain has given up trying to keep the fog thick.

That’s how I became a coaching junky. 

What do you do to get a clear view ahead again?


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