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One cannot „find“ solutions;

they show themselves,
shining golden, like a chanterelle between withered leaves.
Have you ever looked for mushrooms in the forest?

You find them when the season, humidity and temperature match. But, even then, it is an uncertain and exciting thing.

Mushroom picking reminds me a lot of finding solutions in coaching and counselling. Here, too, the first thing is that a solution must be possible in the first place. (Some problems are unsolvable).

Anyone who has ever looked for mushrooms knows that the mushroom suddenly appears in our perception. A moment ago, I saw nothing, and now it is there.

Of course, we all then say: „I have found the mushroom!

I, on the other hand, believe that the mushrooms show themselves.

I can increase the probability of mushrooms appearing in my field of vision by setting my area of sight to a wide-angle. Focusing on the ground directly in front of me is counterproductive.

Systemic coaching is about looking at the situation together with the coachee in the attitude of unfocused attention.

The coach’s task is to prevent staring at „the problem“ (problem trance). His focus is instead on alternative ways of seeing and changing things.

He keeps an eye on the broad spectrum of other influencing factors and draws the coachee’s attention to possible influences of other factors.

The solution appears, often suddenly, like a chanterelle in the forest, shining golden between withered leaves.

PS: This does not have to happen in the counselling sessions.