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Counselling | Counseling & Coaching

are my passion and profession. I a trained and certified clinical psychologist a certified family psychotherapist and certified master coach (ECA).

For English speaking people I offer the same services as for my German-speaking clients and for family-therapy. Especially those living with German partners can see me for couple- or marriage-counselling and for family-therapy.

If you need help, guidance and advice, please call me, send an e-mail or use the attached contact-form. I am living and working in a small village near Bad Kreuznach, 45 min drive from Mainz.

I am licensed as:
Clinical-Psychologist | Relationship-Coach | Counsellor | Family-Therapist

My life

I was born in 1940 and grew up on the banks of the River Nahe, a tributary to the Rhein. In 1982 I returned to this region to live with my family near Bad Kreuznach. In between I did live in many different places from Oldenburg in Northern Germany to Cape Town in South Africa.
My professional life I started in the field of psychodiagnostics, working for the German working exchange "Arbeitsamt". In the Lutherstift in Falkenburg, an educational center for adults, I worked in the field of psychodynamics, conducting workshops. In Cape Town I was the local representative of the German Mission for Seamen, "Deutsche Seemansmission" and saw sailors on board visiting ships. For the next 20 years I was employed as a psychologist and counsellor in a counselling center for families, couples and single persons dealing with problems relating to couple relation, education, parenting, poverty and debt. I was the director of the center for 17 years. Since leaving the center I now work in a practice of my own.

You may contact me by

telephone: +49 6703 960 860
or by the contactform