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On creative forgetting

I can only expertly manage something
when I have forgotten that I can do it!

Everyone who knows how to ride a two-wheeler is sure that they understand what steering deflections their front wheel makes when turning right.
Almost nobody knows the correct answer! (See in the PS below!)

We learn all the skills critical to our daily lives in the same way that we learned to ride a bike, namely through implicit learning. However, since these skills are almost exclusively complex, we would fail miserably with conscious learning (explicit learning).

At the very least, we would have significant problems with it, as anyone who learns a new language as an adult can experience.

As a coach, I am excellent when I have effectively and creatively forgotten the learning content of my training. What I learned there should have become so second nature to me that it has become normal behaviour for me.

In contrast to my example of the cyclist, I can control my behaviour according to professional points of view, if that makes sense and is necessary. I can also give information in a review about why I „chose“ a specific coaching behaviour in a particular situation.

In the training courses, I am responsible for, it is always my goal that the participants acquire the ability to trust their intuition, which was trained during the training.

PS: When riding a right-hand bend, the front wheel turns to the left and then to the right. (Please do not check this practically in flowing traffic!)
A similarly nice problem is the number of directional changes of the steering wheel rotation when changing lanes with a car.