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I’m stuck!

It started so well, and now everything is laborious and tedious.

I’m struggling with my goal of „customer acquisition via LinkedIn“. 

I started three months ago and was proud of my first learning successes. It’s going well, I thought. Now I have the feeling of being stuck. 

I already know this feeling. You too? 

My experience tells me: „Don’t worry! It’s probably another one of those periods that I, as an observer, experience as a standstill. Instead, the learning system, which in this case is me, needs some time. 

Time to integrate and consolidate the newly learnt into the existing stock of skills. After that, it usually continues with new momentum. 

But what if it is not a consolidation break at all? What if I have reached the limit of my abilities or am trying to drill for oil where there is definitely none to be found? 

Talking to colleagues or a coach helps me to clarify this question. I am in the fortunate position of being able to fall back on the support of a coach when it comes to acquiring customers via LinkedIn.