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I did not get a word in edgewise!
May I still write an invoice?

Georg, my coachee, is a coach himself. He tells me how he could not find his own place in his client’s flow of words.

Now he sits with me and asks himself and me what he could have done to get some ground under his feet.

That is a typical situation in coaching and counselling. After all, clients want to get rid of theirs first, and they have been carrying it around with them for a long time and collecting material.

So yes, dear Georg, write your account with a clear conscience! Listening in a friendly and attentive way is helpful in itself. And you have felt how exhausting it is.

Do you remember what you wanted to say to your client while listening to him?

If not, don’t worry; nothing has been lost.

If yes, write it down and say it right at the beginning of your next meeting!
Something like this:

„There is something still on my mind from our last meeting. I want to share it with you. After that, we will continue. Is that okay with you?°

Perhaps, Georg, you will then also talk about how you envisage working together. What space you do need to show your coaching competence.

If your client knows what you need, she will try to give it to you.

Do you know such situations too?